Magnetic Poetry

Poems from my refrigerator



it is a strange song
your heart against mine
love me
love me
and the rain begins



you moan beneath me
you said you wanted my heart
but I worship only you



the water is gone
and it must paint summer on the field
but your belief
touches me with your heat
I fall against you and my desire is deep
smooth as snow



you whisper love
and I fall
winter rain a wave
below us
I begin
but can my desire
paint your love
on an elaborate sky



I always hide
my worship and my want
should it flood the wide sea forever
you think you read and write your life
but one caress
mine alone
shows what is true



hold me
all my strange desire
you find me
tenderly crush me
you move me
my false fury
why would it be
between us
and a tall autumn sky



I chose your touch
over the taste of water

say we'll never lose
the long night of our need

a look
a touch

I reach out to you
kiss skin
wet with love



I'll walk over water
to touch you

I'll say
it touched me
it tasted loss

hold to the night
teach it your love
not our longing

take the need
talk of a far grey day



curved over the falling hour
it listened
as if to a sad empty song